Which hormones will I test if I’m on birth control?

The hormones you can test depend on the type of birth control you’re on (if any). On all types of hormonal birth control, however, you can test for AMH and TSH. 

Here’s a little more about what you’ll learn from these two important hormones: 

  • AMH is a hormone that serves as an indicator of ovarian reserve, AKA how many eggs you have in your ovaries relative to people your age. AMH can also give you insight into menopause timing as well as potential success in treatments like IVF and egg freezing. Since it measures a foundational aspect of fertility – how many eggs you have – it’s a very important signal. Learn more about AMH and ovarian reserve testing here
  • TSH is a hormone that regulates your thyroid health. Your thyroid plays a role in your metabolism, heart function, the nervous system, bone maintenance, mood, fertility, and even sexual function. If your thyroid is not functioning properly, the whole body can be impacted, including fertility. Learn more about thyroid conditions and fertility hormone testing here.

You may have heard that AMH can be suppressed by taking hormonal birth control. You can read more about testing AMH on birth control here!

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