How is going to a Quest lab different from the at-home test?

With Modern Fertility, you can either choose to have our at-home test kit sent to your home for testing, or you can opt to go into a Quest lab for your draw. The only thing that’s different is the way you collect your blood sample. If you choose to go to Quest, you’ll swing by one of their labs to complete the test through a standard blood draw (the same as when you give blood). The test you can take at home is a finger prick test. 

Both options give you access to the exact same dashboard and reports that you can track over time. And, they’re equally accurate — we conducted a clinical study demonstrating that the Modern Fertility home test kit and a traditional blood draw (like what you’d get at Quest) can be used interchangeably to measure reproductive hormones.  

Most people prefer the convenience of testing at home, but it’s up to you to choose which version you’d prefer!

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