How do I know if the Modern Fertility Hormone Test is right for me?

Anyone with ovaries* who is curious about fertility can benefit from testing with Modern Fertility. Information is for everyone! This includes if you’d like to start a family in the (far) future and want some information about your timeline, if you’re thinking about kids in the next few years and want to plan, if you’re trying to conceive right now, if you’re considering freezing your eggs, IUI or IVF, if you’re a parent considering another pregnancy / child, and if you suspect that you have a hormonal imbalance, thyroid condition, or PCOS. You can read more about testing with Modern Fertility on our site

*We believe people are more than chromosomes, hormones, and body parts. We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment that sees and supports all of you, no matter how you identify or whether or not you want kids.

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