How do I read the results of the Pregnancy Test?

1 line = not pregnant

If only the control line (labeled “C”) appears, the test is negative. This could mean you’re not pregnant or it’s too early to detect hCG in your urine. If you still think you might be pregnant, test again in 48 hours with an early morning (first) urine.

2 lines = pregnant

If 2 lines appear, the test is positive. Even if the test line (labeled “T”) is faint, as long as both lines are visible, the result is positive. If you see a faint positive, we recommend retesting 48 hours later — first thing in the morning — to confirm.

Invalid results

If a red control line doesn’t appear in the results window, the result is invalid. (Even if a test line appears — it’s invalid.) Try again with another test. If you don’t get a valid result, please contact us at

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