When Modern Fertility was founded, there was some research out there to suggest that AMH is suppressed in people on birth control. But, there hadn’t yet been enough research to conclusively say how AMH levels are impacted differently by specific types of birth control, or to quantify how much (on average) birth control suppresses AMH. 

To tackle this question, our research team conducted the largest-ever study (27,000+ customers opted in!) to investigate the effect of different forms of birth control on AMH. 

The most important takeaway: on average, testing AMH while on any kind of birth control is unlikely to change the clinical interpretation of your results. This means you can proactively test your hormones while on birth control and still get a good sense of factors that could play into your future fertility (like low or high AMH).

When you get your hormone tests results back, you’ll also get a Birth Control report that includes:

  • The full breakdown of our findings in relation to *your* method of birth control 
  • An idea of the clinical impact (if any) of your birth control on AMH
  • A heads-up on what to expect if you test again after going off birth control

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