Can I use the Modern Fertility App if I have irregular cycles or don't get a period?

Yes, you can use the Modern Fertility app if you have irregular cycles or don’t get a period. The app is personalized to work for you based on your birth control and your cycle (more details on this below!) 

If you have irregular periods:

  • For cycles that average 21-35 days, even if there’s some variability cycle to cycle: During account setup, if you tell the app that your average cycle length is between 21-35 days — even if it varies in length from cycle to cycle — you will get cycle predictions on your calendar. This includes predictions for your fertile window and your 2 most fertile days. If you’re using the app with the Modern Fertility Ovulation Test, you’ll be able to power those predictions with your actual hormone levels.
  • For cycles that fall outside the range of 21-35 days: During account setup, if you tell the app that your average cycle length is longer than 35 days or shorter than 21 days, the app won’t be able to make predictions because your cycles are more likely to be anovulatory (aka without ovulation). That said, if you’re using the app along with our Ovulation Test, you’ll still be able to track your periods and see a surge on your LH curve by testing your LH and logging your results. (That’s a great way to decode your cycle — even if it falls out of the 21-35 day range.)

If you don’t get a period:

  • If you currently don’t get a period, you won’t see cycle predictions on your calendar since we use your previous cycle information to predict future periods and fertile windows. But you can still use the app to log your LH and see your LH curve as well as record your period if you start menstruating again.

It’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor if your cycles are irregular, especially if they’re under 21 days, over 36 days, or if you’ve been diagnosed with a condition like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Talking with your doctor can help you figure out when (or if) you’re ovulating each cycle.

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