How Do I Use Vaginal Estradiol Cream to Treat Vaginal Dryness Associated with Menopause?

The most common instructions for the use of vaginal estradiol cream are as follows:

  1. Use 1-4 g measured with the applicator daily for 1-2 weeks, as indicated by your physician
  2. Then decrease dosage by 50% for the same period (1–2 weeks)
  3. Once the vaginal skin has been restored, use 1 g 1–3 times/week

Your Rory-affiliated provider may customize your dosage and adjust it upward or downward as needed to reach the best dose for you.

Vaginal estradiol cream is not appropriate for everyone. To learn more about who should not use vaginal estradiol cream and the side effects that it may cause, including the boxed warning regarding endometrial cancer, cardiac events, and dementia, please see the FAQs below regarding contraindications to the use of vaginal estradiol and the possible side effects as well as the important safety information for vaginal estradiol cream.

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