What Are Some Causes of Sleep Problems and Fatigure Aside from Insomnia?

There are many other causes of sleep difficulties and fatigue that are not insomnia. Below is a partial list:

  • Depression and anxiety can cause difficulty sleeping.
  • Sleep apnea (central or obstructive) can cause people to feel tired even after having a  full night of sleep.
  • Restless leg syndrome (RLS) causes uncomfortable feelings in the legs that are more prominent at night and an irresistible urge to move the the legs .
  • Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness, sleep paralysis, hallucinations, and sudden muscle weakness and paralysis while awake (cataplexy).
  • Waking up to urinate in the middle of the night. This is often caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men or changes associated with menopause in women.


If your insomnia does not improve within 2 weeks of trying a new therapy, consider talking to your healthcare professional in person.

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