Is Paroxetine FDA Approved to Treat Hot Flashes?

Paroxetine 7.5 mg is FDA approved for this indication as a brand name drug. It is thought to work by increasing serotonin levels and restoring the ability of the hypothalamus to regulate body temperature. This preparation can be expensive, and NAMS recommends using paroxetine in doses of 10 mg - 25 mg per day as a more affordable option of treating hot flashes.

The use of paroxetine at 10 mg - 25 mg for the treatment of hot flashes is an off-label use. Rory-affiliated providers have the discretion to prescribe paroxetine off-label if they believe it is an appropriate course of treatment based on a patient’s unique medical history, symptoms, and preferences. To learn more about off-label prescribing, see the related Rory FAQ.

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