What Is Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)?

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA), or Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), affects both genders. A receding hairline along the temples “affects 98.6% of men and 64.4% of women.” Hair loss on the very front of the hairline affects nearly 60% of women over the age of 80 years, while 75% of 80-year-old men are bald in both areas.

However, hair loss is not just a condition of the elderly.

From adolescence on, those who are genetically inclined to going bald, start losing hair. In fact, over 60% of men have experienced significant hair loss by 35. 20% of men are losing their hair in two places in their early twenties: the hairline and the crown. Those two areas of hair loss ultimately blend into the fully bald top of the head with which we are all too familiar. The remaining “horseshoe” pattern of hair often is all that remains.

Hereditary factors explain its running in families (mother or father) and it is a predetermined altered biology that makes most people experience hair loss. It was once thought that testosterone was the culprit. People believed being a man meant having lots of testosterone, which meant that baldness had to be accepted as a natural consequence of manhood and aging. However, it turns out not to be as simple as that.

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