What is the Recommended Treatment to Decrease the Risk of Transmitting Herpes to Your Sexual Partner?

The Prescriber’s Digital Reference (PDR) recommends the infected partner take Valacyclovir 500 mg once a day to decrease the risk of transmission to the uninfected partner “in monogamous, heterosexual relationships when combined with safer sex practices.” The data are strong but refer to patients with 9 or fewer outbreaks each year. Studies also did not run for an extended period so the PDR also states, “The efficacy of reducing transmission beyond 8 months in discordant couples has not been established.” This means they can only vouch for the data for an 8 month period of time.


This information is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor.  

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