Comparing Bupropion (Generic for Zyban) and Chantix

Question: Which is more effective, bupropion (generic for Zyban) or Chantix?

 Answer: Zyban and Chantix are the only two non-nicotine FDA approved prescriptions for smoking cessation. Studies have shown that both are much more effective than placebo or trying to quit without help at all.

 Chantix has been shown to be a little more effective than Zyban for smoking cessation (triples the chances of successfully quitting vs. bupropion doubling the chances). However, Chantix is currently only sold as a brand name medication while Zyban has a generic equivalent called bupropion SR. This results in Chantix being over 20 times as expensive as generic bupropion SR. For many people, this makes bupropion the best choice for smoking cessation medication.

 Besides cost, another benefit of bupropion over Chantix is that it is better tolerated while using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). For those who are interested in using NRT as part of a smoking cessation program, there is a lower chance of side effects, like nausea, with bupropion than with Chantix.


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