We provide a detailed receipt for all shipments and refills, simply head over to your order history in your account. To access this:

1. LOGIN to your Roman account

2. Click the menu (Screen_Shot_2018-04-27_at_3.44.09_PM.png) bar in the top left.

3. Click Order History

4. Click Receipt to download a copy to your computer


Account Home

Click the menu (Screen_Shot_2018-04-27_at_3.44.09_PM.png) bar in the top left


Go to your Order History:




5. On the next page click "Receipt" to automatically download a copy to your computer.


6. Your receipt will look like this:




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  • In your example, you show that Sildenafil costs $24 for (12) 20mg tablets. That calculates to 240 mg or .10 per mg. You sent me (6) 50mg Sildenafil for $204. That's a cost of .68 per mg. Even if you sent me (20) 20mg tablets each month, that would be a considerable savings, and I assume it would be equally as effective to take (5) 20mg tablets as compared to (2) 50mg tablets per event. That's a difference of $40 per month as compared to $204 per month. Please advise. Thanks you.

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