1. LOGIN to your My Ro account

2. Click the menu (Screen_Shot_2018-04-27_at_3.44.09_PM.png) bar in the top left.

3. Click Account Info

4. Click the carrot (>) to enter your Billing Information 

5. Enter your new card information and click Update Payment Information


Account Home

The Menu (Screen_Shot_2018-04-27_at_3.44.09_PM.png) button can be found in the top left.


Click Account Info to redirect you to Billing Page


 Click the carrot to access your Billing Info



 You will be redirected to update your new card information.  Once entered click "Update Payment Information" and you're all set!






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  • Please call me. Urgent issue. Debit card was lost and need my meds tomorrow. I cannot get any on the phone.

  • I need to change the credit card you have on file for automatic billing and it’s not allowing me to do so just keeps giving me the runaround please help me call me at 631-671-9699

  • Email a phone number,so I can talk to someone.billing site is not working!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phone number please

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