📦 My Shipment was Delivered but I Never Received It

Let’s fix that right now. We know how frustrating this can be. Please email support@getroman.com and we'll make sure you get your medication.  If you're eager to find it immediately we also recommend getting in touch with your local post office.

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  • Shipment was signed at wrong address.
    Havent heard from no one including UPS.

  • Dropped off on porch ?I live on 3rd story apartment

  • what dont you people get its not where i wanted to pick it up you went ahead and shipped it after I left there because it was held at stevens point Wi I sent you a message to leave it there I would pick it up there its near where I live now you have cost me alot of wasted time and money and if you look at ups tracking history you will see you stopped it there your the sender right

  • Same thing happened to me. Left it in the hallway of a 3 story apartment building. Now its no where to be found.

  • The address given was my office with a receiving dept, everything gets checked in. UPS says it was delivered but to a different town?! Now what? No signature! says left at front door? We receive daily Help please

  • You are going to fail as a business by using UPS. UPS "two day air" is now on Day 5 and they are telling me I will not receive it until 3 Jan, that will be 8 days. I'm asking for a refund

  • UPS tracking says my package was left at my front door. My front door opens directly onto a busy Brooklyn street, so UPS simply left my package in the street. I emailed Roman about this 5 days ago as suggested in this article but have heard nothing back from them. UPS doesn't want to talk about it. I guess I am SOL, and Roman has lost a customer.

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