I’m not getting enough blood and/or have bad circulation. How can I increase my blood flow?

No worries! Everyone bleeds at different rates, and we’re here to help. Here’s a list of the best tips and tricks to increase blood flow.
  • Get a sweat going: Do jumping jacks, go for a jog around your house or neighborhood, or put on your favorite song and have a solo dance party until you start feeling warm (or even a little sweaty).
  • Warm your hands: Wash your hands under hot water for a full minute, or take a warm shower. Rub your hands together quickly.
  • Massage your wrist: After you prick your finger, massage your wrist and palm gently to try to encourage more blood flow. Just be mindful not to press too hard!
If you have two cards to fill, it’s more important to focus on filling one card well before you move on to the second. If you still did not get enough blood to reach the first line on the card, let us know! Send us a photo of your collection card to . If needed, we can send you one complimentary retest kit (on us!)


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